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Our graduates set up their own Style Coaching™ businesses or gain jobs in the fashion industry as personal stylists, image consultants or personal shoppers. Read some of their reviews here:

  1. The Style Coach™ Diploma Course has provided so much information for its value, and I am comfortable in knowing that I learned a lot for the money spent. Before taking this course I had no experience with the fashion industry or styling, but I was looking for additional tools to help my clients make real changes in their lives. I didn’t find any courses that came close to the one offered by the Style Coaching Institute®. Your holistic approach resonates with me; your combination of personal styling and life coaching skills make this course completely unique and sets it apart from other image consultant courses. You provide students with so many useful materials, tools, all the knowledge and skills required to succeed as a professional styling consultant and a coach, all in one! The content is excellent. All materials were presented in a clear and comprehensive manner, and the team were extremely supportive whenever I needed help. The possibility of belonging to the International Association of Style Coaches™ cannot be overestimated. I am absolutely sure that I chose the best school in the world! I found exactly what I was looking for and I loved my time there. Thank you for everything!
    Malgorzata Nitka

  1. I was already working as a personal stylist before taking this training course, but nothing compares with the holistic Style Coaching approach and life coaching tools. Now everything has become much more interesting and meaningful. Today, I feel more confident to help and encourage my clients to live life from the best version of themselves. In addition, I am also evolving along with my clients through this wonderful method. I really need to recognize and congratulate the Style Coaching Institute® for planting the seed of human development through style, and also for giving more meaning to the field of image consultancy which is often seen as superficial. With this methodology we work beyond image and beyond clothes, and from my point of view, this is the path to having 'true style'. The course has been an unforgettable experience for me; I truly recommend the Style Coaching Institute® to anybody who is interested in Life Coaching or Personal Styling.
    Jalline Gea

  1. The experience I had at the Style Coaching Institute® has been life transforming. It’s a self discovery process that explores who you are beyond what you wear & how you look. The course covers different aspects of life at a very deep level. It teaches you how to look good from the outside & feel great inside as well. As a fashion stylist, it has fine-tuned my tools & developed my talent. I can’t express how happy I am to have graduated from this this phenomenal institute. I have taken many courses in styling and fashion and this course has been the best!
    Maha Alangari

  1. Attending the Style Coach™ Diploma Course in London was a great learning experience that equipped me with the knowledge and skills to become a professional Style Coach™. I met like-minded peers from around the world that shared similar passion and purpose to grow, shine and help others to do the same. The course is very unique because it focuses not only on helping people to look good on their outer appearance but also to help them to feel good by reconnecting them with their true self and allowing them to shine from inside-out. Taking this course was invaluable for me as it helped me to expand my professional services in a holistic way with great confidence. Thank you to Bernie, Tracey and Kate for a wonderful support, presence and inspiration.
    Areeya Mahaworamakorn

  1. I attended the London (UK) Style Coach™ Diploma Course and it was well-worth the long trip from Auckland, New Zealand. Looking back on the experience, it is hard to comprehend just how much I learned in those six days. The training itself was brilliantly packaged by Tracey and Kate, and expertly delivered by Bernie who has a real talent for creating a supportive and safe environment. She immediately created a space for all the participants to bond, share, create and learn without fear. The attendees were from all corners of the world and what a vibrant, creative and fun group of women they were! I cannot recommend attending the London course enough. You will leave feeling ready to do your best work, and the fact that I can contact Kate and Tracey for further assistance anytime is amazing. The course was an awesome experience that I will never forget.
    Anna Micallef

  1. Thanks to this course, I built credibility & started my dream job. I am so much more than a personal stylist: I am a Style Coach™. I work with women to match their image with their personality, I conduct corporate workshops for major companies & top brand clothing retailers, I speak at women's conferences, I contribute to top magazines & I appear on TV shows in my region. This course even led me to become the published author of a #1 bestselling book. It has changed my life tremendously.
    Dagmar Gabulova

  1. I completed a number of styling courses in Germany & can honestly say that I have not seen a single one which compares to Style Coaching™. No others have ever touched upon the holistic theory or concept that is so important. It was certainly one of the best things I have done in my life. I cannot stress enough how unique this course is, and I would especially like to mention the excellent support Tracey & Kate gave me. They were a pure delight - endlessly encouraging & motivating. I can recommend this course wholeheartedly!
    Simone Schmusch

  1. "In my former career, I gained experience in fashion design, styling photoshoots & preparing fashion shows, but what always interested me most was the way clothes affect a person’s behaviour, their mood & their lives. This led me to discover the Style Coaching Institute® & I decided to change my life by becoming a Certified Style Coach™. Now, I’m teaching my clients how to achieve harmony between their personality & their appearance."
    Alicja Michalska

  1. Honestly speaking I loved it all... The Style Coach™ Diploma Course is life-changing. Tracey & Kate are amazing people who were there for me at every step. Thank you for such a positive experience. No more boring outfits, let’s shine like a diamond, ladies!
    Sally Dandashly

  1. Through this course, I’ve finally found the way I want to live my life! After a past failure, I decided to change what it meant to me & regain my personal power. I kept on searching for a better life & discovered Style Coaching™. I’ve now found people I can share my passion with & I have greatly developed myself. My story is a perfect example of how passion can be changed into a profession. Since 2014, I have been hosting self-confidence workshops & sharing the message that clothing is our second skin and 'real style' is a priceless combination of inner & outer beauty.
    Paulina Lotecka

  1. I really liked the confidence-building aspects of the Style Coaching™ course & learning how to embrace your uniqueness. It was like turning on a light bulb & it helped me find myself again. My mentor was, without doubt, the most positive & encouraging teacher I have ever had. After I received my diploma, I started my own business and it has been a whirlwind of learning & adventure. Sometimes I can’t believe where I am now in comparison to a few years ago. Helping women to realise & embrace their purpose in life is a dream come true. 
    Amanda Rafferty

  1. I am absolutely sure I chose the best school in the world - it has exceeded all my expectations. I learned so much more than I anticipated & loved it more than I thought I would. For many years, I dreamt of having my own company helping women look & feel beautiful. I started out as a personal stylist, but this was not enough for me. I needed something more important that would offer people a deep feeling of satisfaction, strength & self-confidence. Since this course, I have found my life's work & it's transformed my career! Enrolling was the best decision of my life.
    Justyna Krawczyk

  1. Before joining this course, I was a lifestyle strategist with 30 years’ experience in the fashion industry, but I wanted to have more of a systematic way of working as well as formal training in the field of Style Coaching™. This course has allowed me to gain an extensive understanding of women & the advantages of knowing your personal style. I am a mother, a wife, a friend, a full-time fashion designer & creative. These aspects put me in the same boat as so many women & makes me no stranger to the challenges faced everyday. My goal now is to help women find their identities once again.
    Lynn Deckers

  1. I give this unique course an A+ and my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to pursue a career in image consultancy. The course gave me all the essential knowledge I needed to start up my own business right away. This is just the beginning of my journey to a totally new career. I am very excited!
    Thitiya Nithipitigan

  1. Through what I learned from Style Coaching™, I’ve become an expert in my field. Now, I am more than an image consultant & corporate speaker: I am a well-known Malaysian personality. I have taken my love of people to the forefront of my work & have inspired thousands of people across Malaysia. I have successfully organised 100s of events for companies & government departments, including the Prime Minister’s Department, Ministry of Finance & many others. I regularly appear on TV broadcasts & in printed media, and am so proud of my work!
    Wawa Idris

  1. The journey of becoming a Style Coach™ has nurtured & developed my sense of styling, which empowered me to help my clients confidently achieve their desired self-image. Style Coaching™ is more than just an image change; it is an inside-out transformation. I believe it is so important for each of us to have someone who believes in us, even before we believe in ourselves. The Style Coaching Institute® did this for me, and now I can pass this belief on to my clients.
    Jeann Ng

  1. What attracted me to the Style Coaching Institute® was the strong emphasis placed on the mind/body connection. Since we shared the same values, I enrolled & have never looked back. Prior to my graduation, I was training a handful of companies & school, but my business literally shot through the roof after I received my Style Coach™ certification. That year was a breakthrough year for me, as enquiries for my services more than quadrupled. Companies & individuals began to sit up and take note of my services, and in less than 4 months I had recouped my investment in my training and went on to win numerous awards in Asia.
    Lionel Lim

  1. I was the first certified Style Coach™ in the Arabian Gulf & now own my own company. I supervise on photoshoots, provide style workshops, give talks on body language, provide special services for brands, manage catwalk & models preparation, give regular TV appearances, choose outfits for VIP & celebrity clients, and offer bridal styling consultations. Since the Style Coaching™ course, I have also become more comfortable with myself & have gained new freedom. People have started to know who I am as a Style Coach™ & I have everything needed for a successful career.
    Shaikha Jumaa

  1. The presentation of this course is so smooth & organized, which helps in the comprehension process! I have enjoyed all the different sections, particularly the communication skills that helped me a lot in my life! I would like to thank my mentor, who was the entire time cooperative & helped me in many ways, even with words & encouragement. This Style Coaching™ process has helped me to discover greater self awareness. I realised the impact of asking myself the right questions & the pleasure of self-nurturing. It has been a real boost to my confidence & self esteem!
    Mariam Ammar

  1. I loved this course - it really offers a human approach to image consultancy in a way that no other course does. This course explains the fascinating link between the body & mind. I always believed, but now I understand 'why' STYLE & CONFIDENCE go hand in hand. I am so proud to be able to help my clients look & feel amazing.
    Sahar Kadri

  1. The Style Coaching Institute® has been absolutely amazing. The professionalism was there right from the time I made my first enquiry, throughout my online studies and my trip to the UK for the London course, and right through to receiving my Diploma Certification. If you are looking for a course that is totally holistic in its approach to personal styling, I couldn't recommend Tracey, Kate and their team enough.
    Jen Whitehouse

  1. I researched a variety of training programs, but it wasn’t until I found Style Coaching™ that I knew I had found the right match for me. The course represented a perfect blend of my values & love of style. My time in London was amazing… On my way home to the States, I found myself overcome with emotions of gratitude. Investing my money & time in this training was a stretch for me, but I have given myself so much more than I could have imagined. I will never again be that woman who didn’t believe she could shine. I said yes to my dreams!
    Victoria Kennedy

  1. Since graduating from this course, I have built my career as an image consultant, personal stylist, TV fashion host & media personality in LA. I have also worked as a fashion expert on radio shows & podcasts, and I speak at workshops, & corporate events. My book, “Ultimate Guide to Style: From Drab to Fab!” offers readers a fresh and fun approach to the Style Coaching™ formula of looking & feeling amazing. Big name companies like Macy’s have hired me, as well as ‘the single who is ready to mingle’, busy parents, & professionals desiring a more polished image.
    Rayne Parvis

  1. I love everything about Style Coaching™. My trainer was amazing; she was always ready to provide support & answer all my questions. This course offers so much more than just a qualification. You gain knowledge, confidence, and for me the best part was finally realising exactly what I want to achieve with my career. I highly recommend this diploma course to everyone on a journey to becoming a Certified Style Coach™. I would like to thank everyone from the team; you have all helped me so much!
    Chioma Okeke

  1. The first word that comes to mind is ‘transformational’! I have gone on a journey of self-discovery & growth, and now feel able to serve others too! The values of the Style Coaching Institute® perfectly align with my personal values, especially the emphasis on authenticity. My decision to join the London course was the best start to my Style Coaching™ career as I was able to spend time with an incredible group of women. Kate, Tracey & Bernie are an absolute dream team. Their authenticity shines through in everything they do. The level of support is truly first-class. I now get to do something I love everyday. It’s the best feeling ever!
    Jasdeep Khaira

  1. I've known the team for 4 years & I can't recommend them enough. They've always given me personal, uplifting support & even though I live on the other side of the world, nothing was ever too much trouble. I now have my own Style Coaching™ business & because of my Style Coach™ qualification I had a step ahead of my competitors. It has opened new possibilities & avenues for my business. This course was the best thing I've ever done & I was amazed at the level of service - these guys are on the ball. What a refreshing change!
    Amanda Harwood

  1. I qualified as a Style Coach™ in 2010 & I’ve been helping people to discover their personal style ever since. It’s my dream to help people create the best version of themselves - whether that’s with fashion and styling, or cosmetics and colour to enhance their natural beauty. I believe that Style Coaching™ enables everyone to look great & feel amazing, no matter who they are, what their budget is, or how young or mature they may be.
    Kath Floyd

  1. Doing this course has been life changing. It was the best decision I ever made. After graduating 7 years ago, I started Styled By Susie & have gone from strength to strength. I now have a Facebook community of 16,000 ladies & an Instagram following of 31,000. I have won numerous awards for my work as a stylist, and my diary is now fully booked with personal shopping dates for the next 12 months. Thanks for giving me such an amazing education!
    Susie Hasler

  1. I qualified as a Style Coach™ in 2010 having previously worked in hotels looking after 400 members of staff. During this time, I realised that it is very difficult to get a healthy work/life balance. I researched courses by Colour Me Beautiful & House of Colour but chose the Style Coaching Institute® because it offered an holistic approach that was very important to me. I felt the other courses were restrictive & one dimensional. Style Coaching focuses on the whole person, not just their appearance. It was the perfect choice for me. The team is dedicated, hardworking & have a warm friendly approach with the highest professional standards.
    Louise Hill

  1. I first started working with the Style Coaching™ team in 2010. My trainers were brilliant communicators & always helpful, prompt, enthusiastic & motivational! I now offer insightful coaching & mentoring to help my one-to-one clients achieve measurable results, advising on how & why it is important to project a professional image. Through Image & Impact Presentations, I also help groups of business people & students to maximise their potential through understanding the impact of body language & personal appearance, and their positive effect on confidence & self-esteem.
    Dee Becker

  1. My experience of this course has been 100% positive. What stands out is the team's genuine & authentic approach to teaching, sharing & collaboration; Tracey & Kate truly embody the philosophy they teach. I was surprised & impressed that I was able to speak personally with Tracey to have my questions answered, even though she was in the UK & I am in the USA. The content is excellent, but there is also a personal touch & accessibility that is very unique. The global online community is extremely supportive & the benefits of being a member of the International Association Of Style Coaches™ are numerous. The materials available to graduates should also not be underestimated. There is an extensive library of tools to help stylists launch their businesses successfully. This is an A+ program!
    Julie Barlier

  1. I have no words to describe the importance that the Style Coach™ Diploma Course has had in my life. Despite all the challenges of language, I was able to successfully complete the program thanks to the accessible contents & format of the eLearning Platform. The coaching elements combined with style components make this training completely unique & different from other image consultant courses. I liked having the videos explaining how to dress for each body type & the business management training was excellent. Tracey & Kate: thank you for everything & keep up the great work!
    Maria Uini Miguel

  1. I’ve been lucky enough to work within different realms of the fashion industry, but I wanted to learn more about the art of personal styling & how to help people make real changes in their lives. I was drawn to the Style Coaching Institute® because they are utterly unique & special. They use a holistic approach that resonates with me & their message is strong & clear: it’s not just about the clothes you wear, it also about the awareness & appreciation of who you are on the inside. I’m so grateful & proud to be a Style Coach™.
    Nichola English

  1. Ti posso tranquillamente consigliare il "Style Coaching Institute" in quanto si tratta di una scuola molto seria e il materiale che offrono e' eccellente. Avendo fatto il corso per corrispondenza, hai sempre il tuo "mentor" pronto a darti consigli ed aiutarti in casi di bisogno, anche dopo aver ricevuto il diploma, non sei mai da sola per iniziare il tuo business. C'e' sempre un filo diretto fra te e la scuola. La comunicazione e' ottima cosi' come la loro professionalita.
    Ramona Laffranchi

  1. Taking the Style Coaching™ course was like being a client myself: I learned a lot about my own style, what works for me & my body shape, colouring & lifestyle. The coaching sections really helped me challenge my negative self-beliefs & overcome obstacles. Going through the course made me more empathically connected to my clients & I am completely convinced that it is highly effective! I believe that what I am now able to teach my clients is not a momentary makeover, but a lifelong change that makes a meaningful difference.
    Cecile Flieger

  1. Taking the Style Coach™ Diploma Course has been such a wonderful experience! I would rate it as an absolute 5 stars. It was great to be able to learn such a complete approach, integrating both outer & inner confidence. It has been such a great journey!
    Vicky Zorilla

  1. This course is very special & I was drawn to the holistic approach towards style & image. Having previously been a psychotherapist who worked with women with eating disorders & severe body-image issues, I was impressed by their delicate care in addressing the importance of self-acceptance & self-love as the foundation to our personal style. Before starting, I was a bit concerned about it being an online course, but my concerns were quickly alleviated. My mentor was eager to help & provided many useful suggestions. I also found the eLearning Platform to be well-presented & clear. I loved that I could do it at my own pace. If you desire to help people from the inside out, then this is the course for you!
    Francesca Dattilo

  1. Before I started the London Style Coach™ Course, I had a lot of questions and anxiety. I had achieved a lot in various different fields and was a double-mastered degree student, yet I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do until I found this course. I am based in India, but travelled to London for this training because I realised this was the right field for me. I liked that I can practice Style Coaching™ in any country, at any-time, and it fulfils my desire to help others feel good by learning new styling skills. When you have the talent, desire and passion to do something of your own, you have two options. One is to keep that drive inside, take up a job which isn't 'too bad' and simply remain in your comfort zone, or you can act on your talent, turn your passion into a business and let your dreams shape your reality. I don’t have words to express on how good the Style Coaching™ course was. Anyone who studies it will come away with tremendous knowledge, they will improve their own image (and learn how to help others too) & they will feel proud to call themselves a Style Coach™.
    Jaidevi Mehta
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